Antalya Farmer Car Rental rent now

Antalya Farmer Car Rental rent now

Antalya Farmer Car Rental rent now

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Officially broke the record! Germany, Russia and England could not give up

Antalya, one of the attraction centers of world tourism, continues to break records in the number of foreign tourists in the first 3 months of the year, with an increase of 25 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Developing under the leadership of tourism, Antalya continues to be a favorite of global investors by increasing its brand value. According to TUIK data, Antalya, which ranks second after Istanbul in housing sales to foreigners, experienced a 47 percent increase in January-February-March when compared to the same period of the previous year.
The rising star of the Mediterranean, Antalya, while breaking new records in tourism, continues to attract investors in housing sales to foreigners. According to TUIK data, when compared to January - February - March 2018, there was a 47 percent increase in sales to foreigners in January - February - March 2019. According to the data of Antalya Airport Civil Administration, the number of tourists coming to the city in the last 3 months is 571 thousand 207, with an increase of 25 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, and it is expected to break a record on a yearly basis. Breaking the record of all time with 13 million 642 thousand foreign tourists and over 3 million domestic tourists in 2018, Antalya's foreign tourist target for 2019 increased from 15 million to 16 million.


Antalya, which is the third most visited city in the world after London and Paris, attracts tourists from approximately 140 countries. Considering the ranking of tourists coming to Antalya by countries as of the first 3 months of 2019; With an increase of 8 percent, with 151,391 tourists, Germany was the country sending the most tourists to Antalya, while Russia ranked second with 136 thousand 689 tourists with an increase of 74 percent, and England with 36 thousand 791 tourists with an increase of 58 percent.

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Located nearby the airport of ANTALYA, Turkey, FARMER CAR RENTAL INTERNATIONAL is active in over 16 cities all over Turkey. Always trying our best for our customers offering them the newest en cars and models, changing them every 2 year. From Antalya to Bodrum, Istanbul to Ankara, Izmir to Alanya and far more cities and airports we are always happy to offer our customers the best of service. We are wishing you a lovely and carefree holiday!

  • Fiat Egea BENZİNLİ (2021)
    Fiat Egea BENZİNLİ (2021) Fiat Egea has a Petrol Manual 1.4 engine, the model year is 2021.
    x5 x5 Manual Gasoline
  • Fiat Egea DİZEL (2019-2021)
    Fiat Egea DİZEL (2019-2021) Our Fiat egea vehicles are available in our fleet as 1.3 and 1.6 diesel and petrol.
    x5 x5 Manual Diesel
  • Peugeot 301 ( 2018-2021 )
    Peugeot 301 ( 2018-2021 ) The Peugeot 301 group has a 1.6 engine and we only have trials.
    x5 x5 Manual Diesel
  • Citroen C-eylsee ( 2018-2021 )
    Citroen C-eylsee ( 2018-2021 ) Our Citroen c-elysee vehicles are 1.6 engine and only diesel groups are available.
    x5 x4 Manual Diesel
  • Dacia Sandero stepway (2019 -2020 )
    Dacia Sandero stepway (2019 -2020 ) Our Dacia Sandero vehicles have a 1.3 engine and only manual transmission diesel groups are available.
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  • Renault Clio Sportour
    Renault Clio Sportour Our Renault Clio Sporttour vehicles have 1.5 engines and are station wagon vehicles.
    x5 x4 Manual Diesel
  • Fiat Linea
    Fiat Linea Our Fiat Linea vehicles are completely economic vehicles. It has a 1.3 multijet engine and is fuel stingy
    x5 x4 Manual Diesel
  • Renault Symbol
    Renault Symbol Our Renault Symbol vehicles are manual gear and diesel groups.
    x5 x5 Manual Diesel
  • Ford Courrier
    Ford Courrier Our Ford Courrier vehicles are manual transmission diesel. It's a real long-distance vehicle.
    x5 x5 Manual Diesel
  • Hyundai Accent Blue Otomatik
    Hyundai Accent Blue Otomatik Our Hyundai Accent blue vehicles have 1.6 engines. tools are equipped packages
    x5 x5 Automatic Diesel